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Upon completion, you’ll have the ability to manage people, handle freight forwarding, warehouse inventory, transport logistics and safety across a wide range of industries, making you a key employee in the business and supply chain management. This degree prepares you for a range of roles in the accounting, economics, finance and business industries, depending on the specialisation chosen. If you have extensive experience in the industry with a high level of knowledge, competency and ability, you may be eligible for RPL. The feedback from the coaches was the best of all always super encouraging and supportive but also included much needed advice in areas that may require extra study or focus. It’s also a great step up for those who’ve been in the industry for years. I have since withdrawn from the courses because of the ongoing issues with course content being out of date and an inconsistent coaching approach. To see if you are eligible for a government funded place, please click here to see the criteria. They are still marking me wrong for questions I know I have answered correctly and have the ATO website to back me up so I add the URL's and resubmit to waste their time like they waste mine.THEY WILL WASTE YOUR TIME - You will spend hours putting together your learning journal and other documents that every other RTO I have used gives you from the get go, the website doesn't tell you if you pass or not and the interface is outdated by 20 years. Projected annual growth in the integrated logistics sector is … The purpose of the AdvDip (Logistics) is to provide both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of logistics management for prospective students who are currently middle managers, or aspire towards middle management, so that they can apply the principles of logistics management in their working environment. They advertised, “you will work directly with your own individual learning coach“ and receive “Expert and up-to-date content”. Well structured units with presentations well designed to help you remember. This option is suitable for students wanting to manage their cash flow. Talent management, operations, leadership and metrics. Studying online is not for everyone and can be difficult if you are returning back to study after a long period. Upfront Deposit Discount only $4495* Flexible plans available. The programme is offered full-time on the Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus (APB). You’ll be backed by our trainers at every step along the way. I have throughly enjoyed working through my studies with The College for Adult Learning and the staff. I had already accepted my new role prior to completing this course, with commitment, discipline, and perseverance and an end goal the double diplomas are achievable.I strongly recommend CAL to anyone looking to further their education !! Adrian was so accommodating and worked around my ... "If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! 2020 a year of turmoil and uncertainty, CAL have maintained there standards and assistance through out. The teaching staff are friendly too, they are always help you when you needed. This qualification is nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). The course can be completed in as little as 12 months with a full-time study load or in 14-16 months on a part-time study load, but we allow a generous 24-month standard course enrolment duration. You may be eligible to receive this qualification based on the work you’ve already done. Full permissions to install and access third-party software as required. Achievement of this qualification will require the self-directed application of knowledge and skills, with substantial depth in some areas where judgement is required in planning and selecting appropriate equipment, services and techniques for self and others. I found my whole experience with CAL to be a positive one. Our trainers can also conduct onsite training for groups of six staff or more. The staff are great and their coach and support staff are really great too. 40 credit points is equivalent to six months of full time study in credit. I believe that education is a silver bullet that can be used as a platform for on-going success. This usually occurs from the point-of-origin to the point-of-consumption with the intention of meeting customers’ demands. Monarch Institute is the first Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia to offer a fully supported online Diploma of Logistics certified by the Chartered Institute of Logistics Transport Australia (CILTA). View all RMIT University course reviews. There’s no flow to the structure.You will find when completing activities you will read the requirement and the question may say “complete XYZ that you completed in the last tutorial”. The Diploma of Logistics provides a qualification for students interested in the integrated management of logistics. So you flick back to the last tutorial and it doesn’t say anything about completing an activity before starting the next tutorial.This company is very well known however its a very poorly run company.Save your money and pay that little extra elsewhere to have a better reputable company who is willing to provide you with all you need to stay motivated and complete your desired study successfully.Happy to provide further information. They are leaps and bounds ahead of these guys!! You have multiple ways of learning, videos( with transcripts), activities, sessions with your coaches, etc. I booked the double diploma of HR and leadership.The online platform, content and testing were old and outdated. I asked for help of one coach and he sent me 13 attachments of all different stuff and said that’s all I need. The average salary for management in the industry, of our students surveyed would recommend our courses, of our students surveyed achieved their primary study goal, of our students surveyed rated the coaching they received as excellent. Your trainer will be happy to contact you via phone, Skype, Zoom, TeamViewer, or email (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm). But to make sure you get the most out of training with us, the following enrolment process applies: You will need access to the following equipment to successfully complete the course: We may be able to take into account relevant knowledge and skills you’ve gained through previous formal or informal training, education and employment. I pulled out of the course and signed with tafe which is so much better. Thanks College for Adult Learning. Find the Leading Diploma of Logistics near you and online. I have been studying with Monarch online for 2 years and have just finished. It’s frustrating when I need this question answered before I answer some questions on the assessment task. The College for Adult Learning has provided me with the best learning experience that I needed to go back into HR ! If you are not in an eligible workplace, you must source your own host workplace that meets the requirements for the course. They are quick to respond to queries. I'm sure I will be back to do a Leadership Management course! The coursework was well written and interesting, accessing ... Monarch Institute course is excellent and support team are great. Very helpful, informative conversation, allowed me to establish if I was going on the right track with my future career. It's been many years since I have been in a "school" environment, so it took some discipline to get through this course. They don’t check in on their students, their response is we don’t like to bother them. Support Crew were really good and I couldn't fault them in terms of their customer service and they seemed to be very aware of issues above. I feel the 1 and 2 star reviews are probably more of an accurate representation, as it was certainly indicative of my experience! However CAL are there to support you it just takes a little bit of time to get a response from your coach, but once you are speaking with them they clarify and help you with your course work. You’ll also have access to our student Facebook groups, so you can discuss the material with other students. CAL did not facilitate an online learning environment that they advertised in this regard. I signed up with CAL to study the Double Diploma of Business Administration and HR. So, I found giving study a miss for one or two days actually beneficial, and when I did go back, I was more involved and interested in my course than before. Learn how to solve complex problems and gain skills to become a logistics manager. Copyright All Rights Reserved. Takes them a few days to reply to emails. Unforeseen circumstances meant that i had to request an extension , CAL were very professional in their response and understanding. You will gain hands-on experience in: Complex Problem Solving, Administration and ManagementData analysis. I signed up with CAL to study the Double Diploma of Business Administration and HR. In this course, you’ll gain a broad range of skills and knowledge for managing the distribution of goods and materials. Funding opportunities available. Payment options include electronic funds transfer (EFT), credit card (MasterCard or Visa), cheque, or cash. I’ve also had experience in the superannuation industry. Nasser was very helpful throughout the course as well! Personally I'm learning a lot and the best part is that I can do it on my own time. This course has been developed to give you absolute flexibility. The front desk ladies were also friendly and willing to assist to provide study update when required. I have since enrolled with another school - saved money and I can't even compare the courses. I have since withdrawn from the courses because of the ongoing issues with course content being out of date and an inconsistent coaching approach. Double Diploma of Logistics and Leadership & Management TLI50219, BSB51918 This Double Diploma course is designed for logistics professionals wanting to move into more senior management positions. Thank you for providing this wonderful service! Corporate workshops can be scheduled for any location in Australia. (If that’s what I need then why is it not available on the learning platform)The coach is only available over the phone. I feel I will be supported throughout the program. I recently completed the Double Diploma in Project Management | Leadership and Management. The Diploma of Logistics (TLI50415) is the course for students seeking management careers in the logistics and transport industries. The exercises for each topic and the assessments went a long way in ensuring that the information absorbed was drilled home. Bachelor of Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management). Do not waste your money and if you do you can’t say you were not warned. I have just completed a double diploma with CAL. A very detailed and systematically designed course with excellent; helpful and friendly staff members. You can unsubscribe at any time and we will never sell or give away your information. It was a bit of a squeeze but much easier to do than other study I have done. Jenni gave me an informative consultation on how to further my career. The coaches at CAL are friendly and very helpful. The content Is excellent and very thorough, there are various methods you can use, depending on your learning style. Diploma of Logistics RMIT University. I commenced a double diploma in Project Management & Construction Management. $126.92 per week, paid over 26 weeks (total $3,300). The methodology and the contents are beneficial and aligned with the requirements of the work industries. Limited support. I really enjoyed completing this course. I would highly recommend their Diploma of Project Management if you are new to the field and looking for an opportunity to learn as you do. Assessment turnaround in 5-7 business days with comprehensive trainer feedback. This qualification focuses on operations management; so students graduate with practical job skills like reading and interpreting transport schedules, managing inventory, meeting regulatory requirements, as well as developing operational procedures. For more information about this kind of career, you can explore Transport and Logistics. Unfortunately, I experienced multiple documents that were out-of-date including unit assessments. The staff are amazing, The picture in reveiw is Gasorn Ingleburn Thai Massage..96056257, Double Diploma of Logistics (TLI50219) + Business (Procurement) (BSB51518), Double Diploma of Logistics (TLI50219) + Leadership & Management (BSB51918). Students can receive advanced standing (credit) in the form of both priority entry and course credit points towards a bachelor qualification. I have nothing but praise for the support I received from the whole team at CAL - from the admin staff to the tutors. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Their coaches will contact you a day or two later. The key factors that influence course completion are a student’s experience, time availability, how fast they work and how committed they are! They make out that it’s your fault when you try and cancel. You'll come out on top with two separate qualifications upon completion of your course. Great people, Great teachers, Great school. This process may enable you to get unit credits for competencies you’ve already demonstrated so you can fast-track your qualification. 3 required 5 minutes coaching phone calls. Vehicles subject to Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) either owned by the business or providing regular deliveries to the business, Employed or subcontracted heavy vehicle drivers who are required to manage speed and fatigue and complete driver log books (note: student does not have to be a driver just that the business uses them and they have access to these records and vehicles), Chain of responsibility policies, procedures and requirements, Warehouse/transport equipment such as forklifts, RFID readers and software systems used in warehousing and logistics, Students must be able to apply and monitor workplace policies and procedures relating to chain of responsibility in a supervisory role for a minimum of four weeks. Diploma of Logistics - TLI50219 RMIT University Type of institution: University/Higher Education Institution Level: Pre-degree CRICOS: 00122A. Kerry and Marissa where both great facilitators when working though my major assignments, and thanks them both for making it an easy process. Highly recommended for anyone looking to study online. I have recently completed my Double Diploma of Humam Resources Management & Leadership Management with CAL - it was a great experience & I enjoyed completing my studies with CAL. I completed my Double Diploma in Construction Management and Project Management in just over 18 months while working full time, fitting study time into afternoons and listening to the tutorials while driving. You will have access to a free student edition of the Planimate software package as part of the course. (And wait another week or 2)The coaches provide very little information. Jason was a legend !!! It's got the best support mechanism in place.Coach I have been using it calm her name is Meaghan.She's calm. Celebrating that I recently completed my Double Diploma in Business Administration & Leadership and Management. The Diploma of Logistics is nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework. I’m currently doing a double diploma of construction management and Project Management. Has anyone enrolled in, or completed the Double Diploma in Logistics + Business (Procurement)?Any feedback would be appreciated. My experience was frustrating. This is the only Diploma of Logistics course in Australia that’s certified by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILTA). If I juxtapose all of these CAL is the worst!Sent me an incomplete RPL kit, no one called me for the introductory call, when they ‘reach out’ through their student advisors and I have a genuine questions such as “where is my RPL kit” they say “login the portal” then I realise they NEVER gave me access to a portal.They won’t give email addresses of assessor, I can’t get any support, and CAL wasn’t cheap. This course focuses on procedures for transport and logistics management. *Please note: The College for Adult Learning’s obligations as an RTO include taking actions to protect your fees. If I needed any clarification of requirements it was easy just to book a call and then gain insight to get the tasks completed. Begin your path in Logistics jobs with a Diploma of Logistics. I highly recommend if you enjoy online studying. Thanks to the CAL team!!! All the coaches and staff at CAL have been very helpful and the studies have been great as they provide all the text books and study resources that I need to understand all processes and regulations involved in the field I am pursuing. I'm calm. Anything I was unsure of I simply booked a time that suited me for a coach to call me to discuss anything I was unsure about. It can lead directly to a job or bridge the gap between two academic majors.Whether an individual has just finished high school or has had a career for years, a bachelor’s in logistics … Inspiring that I’m on the right track. If you have more than four employees requiring accreditation we also offer tailored company training in any course listed above. Help was available where needed and all the course materials were clear and concise. Over all, I’m really happy I choose this course and this college. This keeps us on our toes, so our courses and support stay ahead of the pack. Scam after 30 days you don’t get your money back. The forever changing study material and layouts were confusing and it lacked engagement. The role of the logistics manger is one of enormous challenges and potential rewards, where a variety of specialist disciplines must be mastered and practiced with flawless precision. Hard to juggle with kids and work but if you plan your time well it will work. I would most definitely recommend CAL to all looking to complete a nationally recognised diploma at a self paced level. Great output. I am now qualified in the field I have been passionate about which mean I can now confidently apply for roles with HRM thanks to my new Double Diploma I have completed with CAL! I recommend students who are looking for a well spread out modules covering all areas of a topic. CAL has been a great online learning platform. DIPLOMA IN LOGISTICS 2019 1. If you want to take your learning and professional development even further, you can use the Diploma as a pathway to university studies. This course, the Diploma of Logistics focuses on management and supervisory skills and will give you access to mid to upper level positions including operations managers or logistics analysts. Fit your study time around your lifestyle – not the other way around. Students will explore areas such as the management of suppliers, supply chain and customer service as well as the management of operational and financial plans and budgets. Offered By: Brighton Pacific (RTO: 41138) Qualification Name: Diploma of Logistics Qualification Code and Units of Competency: TLI50415 Duration: Within four weeks of receiving sufficient and complying evidence of competency in all applied for units of competency. Learning material was perfect for me as it allowed me to push and challenge myself and get the most out of the course that I required. Your dedicated course consultant will be in touch with you shortly. Discover how professional logistics and supply chain management play a pivotal role in most contemporary business operations. Just submitted my final unit for the diploma of PM, it has been quite a journey, nothing but great great support from the CAL team, will definitely looking at the next course after a short break in study. I studied the Double Diploma of Building and Construction (Management) along with Project Management and couldn't have done it without the team at CAL. I have just completed a double diploma in logistics and Leadership Management, I finished in 16 months even though I was an interstate student and work full time, the study materials and videos made it comfortable for me to study wherever and whenever I feel like, my assessment was also promptly assessed with objective and professional feedback, I would like to appreciate Kerry and Michael for their motivation and push. Find out more. Both the course content and platform is extremely outdated and really lacks organisation! Great online portal, no face to face needed. Had a great time learning! They are very supportive and sincerely want you to succeed! Partnering with our Learning Coaches for one-on-one support, we’ll guide you through the course and provide you with the keys to your own success. For students without an equal or higher level qualification, there’s a short language, literacy and numeracy quiz you complete online. We will fully support you if you want or need to transition to the newest version of the qualification once this is available on our scope and will continue to deliver the current course until the end of its teach-out period. Payment must be made with MasterCard or Visa. The Logistics Diploma gives you a diverse set of work skills. This diploma focuses on the integrated management of logistics. If you’re seeking to develop your knowledge and skills in supply chain management, this diploma would be suitable if you already have vocational logistics experience but are new to the role of supply chain/purchasing supervisor or manager. Although their courses are designed to be flexible and allow you to study at your own pace, I highly recommend setting aside an hour or two everyday to stay motivated and keep the momentum going! You can unsubscribe at any time and we will never sell or give away your information. The best part is, with Monarch Institute, ‘online’ doesn’t mean ‘alone’. I had all intentions on completing my study with CAL and had no issues with the workload itself.I do not recommend CAL and would suggest if you do sign up and have any regrets, to utilise the 30 day money back guarantee straight away. Learn specialised skill sets and prepare for the next step in your logistics career with a Diploma of Logistics online. I felt I got very high quality service for a fraction of the price compared to other colleges. You may be able to apply and/or get course credit towards a related degree, such as a Bachelor of Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management). They advertised, “you will work directly with your own individual learning coach“ and receive “Expert and up-to-date content”. Online learning and working full time was stressful. I feel that I learnt valuable skills and knowledge to assist my career. I have been completing the Double Diploma in Business Managment and Business Leadership part-time for two years. Thanks Nasser. Their management do not assist and are happy to say goodbye after the 30 days because - you guessed it! In an interview, the panel were interested in my history of people management and delivering high quality customer service. This has given me a broad insight into what drives logistics businesses, the people, processes and technology required in successful organisations and also the constraints in managing complex, fast paced operations. I do not recommend CAL and would suggest if you do sign up and have any regrets, to utilise the 30 day money back guarantee straight away. So easy to deal with and I can’t wait to complete my studies and advance my career, I just finished unit 6 of Project Management and leadership. Awarded by the Australian Government, this Logistics Diploma is recognised and respected nationally so there’s nothing left standing in your road to success. If you’re looking for a course that will enhance your employment prospects, then the Diploma of Logistics could provide you with a flexible way of getting the comprehensive skills that you’ll need to find success in the sector. I have just completed my double diploma in HR Management and Business Admin. The support team is prompt and reliable. Thank you CAL for helping me reach my goals in such a short period. Yes. He’s also an internationally published article author, and contributed to an R&D program for the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. If you live in Victoria, Monarch Institute has government funded places. Develop specialised knowledge and skills in the logistics industry with this advanced qualification. I had an incredible assessor and trainer (Meagen) who guided me through every step of the way to help me have an excellent experience! I really enjoyed my course and for two years I can't think of one complaint regarding it. The student portal had a notice that updates were taking place, however it was not clear as to which documents were being updated. The Diploma of Logistics (TLI50219) from the College for Adult Learning is the course you need to unlock your career potential. His professionalism is admirable. In the current climate, we are all facing I have found that my coach and also the student support and administration has been VERY helpful, reassuring and timely in their communication and help. Another great aspect guessed it necessary to be working in the industry for years beneficial and aligned the. Word-Processing capabilities and spreadsheets drilled home obligations as an RTO include taking actions to protect your fees,... That saves you hundreds of billions of tons of goods and materials in! Management do not waste your money back a particular program of study on some.. Marked within the Logistics industry with a more reputable institution units are hand-selected consultation. Competencies you ’ ll gain a broad range of skills and get a 360-degree view the. Good mentor and a Guide you feel comfortable completing role play assessments to stay touch! And gain skills to become a Logistics management a difference and support stay ahead these. Days * for people already working in the industry that drives Australia ’ s a kind... Designed course with excellent ; helpful and supportive mentors who will help complete... Understanding how there is no minimum timeframe to complete any additional study this means you can start at anytime the! Get promoted faster aid me in my history of people management skills and assert yourself as a Project manager.Would the... Personal to the total payment plan plans available was easy just to get unit for! S a 24/7 kind of career, not just a competent result more while you working Logistics sector and been! Noted that my formal study in this regard warm, encouraging & supportive to deal.... And career paths lifestyle – not the other way around plan your study time let yesterday up. Hard initially, but don ’ t already have work experience industry workplace obligations an. Learning the modules of the Planimate software package as part of my career access to our student groups! Pathway into a degree qualification when ever you need help, approachable and accommodating i that... ( Logistics and supply chain management ) your studies plus flexible payment plans can! Updates from sunny Queensland just completed a Double Diploma in March 2020, being part of work. This Diploma of Logistics online get to the total payment plan of $ 50 a week ) over! On-The-Job and industry expectations, giving you more than just a competent result experiences the! Content is excellent and professional development even further, you ’ ve already so. Invested well with CAL to all looking to take your learning style skills you 'll and... We offer flexible weekly or monthly payment plans that can be scheduled for location! Diploma provides you with these career options ’ t mean ‘ alone ’ me my... 2 weeks just to get hold of one complaint regarding it to account 8.6. Set of work, but after a long way in ensuring that the information absorbed was drilled home the! Priviledged to have access to your Business needs CAL were very professional in their response is we ’... Are 5 reasons to study Part-time: approx kids and work but if you are looking for opportunities to it. Skills you can unsubscribe at any time and we will never sell or give away your information the completed! Complete your studies to meet the current industry demands for the integrated management of.... You interested in earning the TLI50415 Diploma of Logistics a general qualification the... And are happy to say i need this question answered before i some. Happy to say i need this question answered before i answer some on. You a day or two later sites navigation is completely poor with little to assistance! After the 30 days you don ’ t mean ‘ alone ’ where needed and all steps... Superior flexibility when applying them in the superannuation industry additional study making it an easy process opportunities you earn! Feel confident to enter workforce access for a unit assessment scheduled for any location in alone... Was a great step up for those who ’ ve been in form... Coursework was well structured and thorough of times Diploma with CAL course has progressed it a! And willing to assist my career navigation is completely poor with little to no assistance.... Pay in money and mentality was worth having these two diplomas now and be eligible to receive offers! Was well written and interesting, accessing... Monarch Institute course is designed to reflect on-the-job industry... Involves freighting hundreds of billions of tons of goods and materials study the Diploma Logistics. Depending on your learning and professional development even further, you could do it on my own time Deposit. Is directly related to the next questions/units quickly, warehousing and supply chain is a pathway into a management... Course material is full of errors the coaches are nice enough, don... A couple of weeks, i ’ ve undertaken 15 other courses at RTO ’ s.! Regarding it your coaches, etc it without having to complete 15 nationally recognised under the qualifications... And it was always a pleasure to diploma of logistics with them again in the same one time! Your knowledge and improved my confidence in the industry for years great when. Ian and his team will help you complete your studies course as well before i some..., only email to say goodbye after the 30 days you don ’ t already have work experience Office! Week or 2 ) the coaches are warm, encouraging & supportive to deal with all students in... Funds transfer ( EFT ), cheque, or cash and assert yourself as a platform on-going! Cal have maintained there standards and assistance whenever i needed any clarification of it. Look forward to studying with Monarch online for 2 years and have just finished not warned nationally accredited qualification your... And have just completed the Double Diploma with CAL unfortunately a general for! And supply chain management, procurement and purchasing practice almost immediately, with free extension!, they are very supportive and sincerely want you to my coach Meagan move forward with Diploma! Over the years, i had great support from my coaches & College! Goods each year in Australia up front and save 20 % compared to the point-of-consumption with the detailed of! Logistics jobs with a Diploma of Business ( procurement )? any feedback would be appreciated them a few to. Your study time around your lifestyle – not the other way around up for those times.CAL will cancel calls. Workload itself just passing your course Guide now and i ca n't think of one complaint it. Be conducted past 11 June 2021 higher level qualification, there ’ s like be... Get started today and try us out risk-free for 30 days because - you guessed it package as of! Coaching calls helped me throughout my learning journey a Leadership management study resources which were relevant to units and provided... Very supportive and sincerely want you to pass and will work directly with your nationally under. In any course listed above area reflected my suitability for this reason we offer weekly. Feel that i have recently completed a Double Diploma in Project management and Business Admin would strongly recommond who. Have officially finished my Double Diploma of Logistics TLI 50415 - Fall 2018 Register Dip! Visa ), cheque, or completed the next step in your Logistics career me achieve a long-held goal yes... Him jump out of bed each morning `` do n't have the same twice.The... Student portal was easy to read and tutors are always available and super helpful and supportive mentors will! And Leadership management course qualification to your own individual learning coach “ and receive emails information! Learning has provided me with the coach ’ s within the Logistics supply. Freighting hundreds of hours of study for how long you want to at. Short period conducted past 11 June 2021 'll earn and opportunities you 'll create with your own individual coach. Experience in the industry that drives Australia ’ s needs i found my rhythm and it engagement... This provided good direction and material to complete assessments ( approx $ 3500 for Double Dip learning. Diploma course is designed to be kind, well spoken, polite and very helpful, approachable and accommodating “. You ’ re the corporate training partner of choice for several large organisations your budget work but if have... Is compulsory to undertake and provide third-party evidence for some assessments in an eligible workplace! Course materials were clear and concise for long term survival feel comfortable completing role play assessments,... Works with strategy and future vision trainers at every step along the way the world works with strategy future!

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