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Like most Victoria Secret fragrances that celebrate the inner beautiful self, this scent is not only loveable but also dramatically iconic. WHY TRUST US: Faveable spends thousands of hours researching, interviewing experts & testing products, to create carefully selected lists trusted by millions of consumers since 2013. A bestseller since its launch, this particular fragrance has undergone a revamp in recent times to make it more appealing to the new generation, though thankfully it’s intrinsic tones have remained the same. Victoria's Secret PINK Fresh & Clean Body Mist, 5. Try the fragrance onto your wrist, and let it breathe for a few seconds. A globally renowned fashion and beauty brand, Victoria’s Secret, founded in 1977, sure knows the secret desire of every woman’s heart. Oh, and of course, you’ll pick up hints of fruit as well…which shouldn’t be a surprised since this seems to be Victoria’s Secret's go to formula. Do bear in mind though that the strong sweet notes have put off a user occasionally, which is why you’d be well advised to try it for yourself before buying it. Currently available only on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, Victoria’s Secret Lace Orange Flower combines notes of African Orange Flower, Chinese Osmanthus, Grapefruit and Water to give you a refreshing floral scent that is hard to stay away from. If there’s a beauty consultant, you can have fun describing which notes come to you, and what’s left on your skin after a few minutes. Night Eau de Parfum. Most women will adore this collection of fragrance oils. This is why I now nominate Crush as the perfect gift for female members of your family this festive season too. Jenna covers everything from health and beauty to home and lifestyle, you name the product, she’s likely tried it. This delicate, floral fragrance leaves some fruity scents over the skin, perfect for a little romantic dinner or a casual date. Founded in 1977 in San Francisco by Roy Raymond, Victoria Secret brings the hottest lingerie and womenswear to juicy ladies. My only complaint with this perfume is that it doesn’t stay on for as long as one would’ve liked, requiring constant reapplication. Regardless of your fragrance preferences, we promise our list of the best Victoria Secret perfume has something that suits you. That said, I found the Victoria’s Secret Love Spell to be a fantastic EDT that keeps you smelling of flowers for a good number of hours before requiring any sort of retouch. With the Victoria Secret Heavenly Eau de Parfum, you can radiate and smell like one if you spray this perfume of you. Need we say more? It takes time to find a signature scent. With undertones of Bergamot, Peony, Violet, and Vanilla, this is a sweet fragrance without being a complete attack on the senses. I’m going to go with 4 stars for this one. Dream Angels Heavenly Flowers is … With just a few key notes of vanilla orchid, Shangri-la peony, and passion fruit to give this perfume its sweet and distinctive aroma, you really cannot go wrong with Bombshell by Victoria's Secret. The smell of orange blossoms particularly is divine, and the one time I tried it, I found that I kept wanting to sniff at my wrist (I was trying on a sample). Use sparingly…you’ve been warned. At $55 for a 1.7-ounce bottle, this is one of the pricier options our list…especially considering that it doesn’t have great staying power. Victoria's Secret Eau So Sexy Eau De Parfum 3.4 fl oz. Wholesale Supplies Plus is not affiliated or associated with Victorias Secret. It’s also super long lasting, so it will stay with you for a long night or a full 8 hour work day. For a body mist though, this fragrance will still stick around longer than you would expect. Perfumes smell different from one skin to another — which is due to body chemistry, the skin condition, the food diet, and the lifestyle of each person. One of the top Victoria’s secret perfume. Check out our victoria secret mist selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our fragrances shops. Our personality evolves, and so our fragrance does. Available as Perfume and Body Mist in select stores only. With a wide range of sweet, spicy, floral, fruity and woody scents that are constantly being innovated and improved upon, Victoria’s Secret does one hell of a job with the plethora of fragrances in its arsenal. Also, thanks to the fact that it isn’t what one would call a ‘statement perfume’, there are no restrictions on what time of the day, or in what sort of crowd one can use this perfume making it a winner all the way. However, I must admit that I didn’t care much to stock up on it because, though it’s a great scent, I find it comparable to a lot of other VS perfumes that I already own and must do away with before I get another. I carried it along for a family vacation to the seaside recently, and I must compliment its no-fuss bottle that avoids any kids of spillage, and an easy to use spray nozzle that made for great travel-friendly packaging. Another added bonus here is that Heavenly features a longevity that you won’t get with Bombshell, and, honestly, most of the other best Victoria’s Secret perfumes on our list. Designed as the consummate flirt, Victoria’s Secret Tease is the result of what happens when a seductress meets a coquette—a fragrance that is the ultimate in the art of seduction. Victoria's Secret BOMBSHELL INTENSE + HEAVENLY Fragrance Mist and Cream Gift Set. Like all me Victoria’s Secret perfume s, though, a little goes a long way, so that 3.4 ounces should last you quite a while. Nonetheless, Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret has been around almost as long as Victoria’s Secret itself and generation after generation of women cannot help but appreciate the fruity, floral, deliciousness that is Love Spell. Three and a half stars from me. That being said, it may serve you better for date night or a dinner with girls rather than an everyday perfume you would wear from morning to night. However, if you’re looking for something truly unique we highly recommend you give this fragrance a try. New victoria secret haul 2018!! * The concentration of the perfume oil in an EDT is less (5-9%) than in an EDP (8-14%).Similar Products. Wild meets class in this coveted fragrance by Victoria’s Secret that combines notes of Bergamot, Peony, Violet, and Vanilla. Expect to pick up a 1.7-ounce bottle of this perfume for right around $30, which is pretty middle of the road compared to the other perfumes on our list. Winner of the FiFi Award for Fragrance of the Year (Women’s Private Label/Direct Sell), 2006. $68.99 for a 3.4-ounce bottle is pretty similar to most of the other products on our list. Instead, it’s a floral scent that is comparable with a lot of other perfumes from VS. To review it in one sentence, I’d probably say that I like it, but I’m not sure if I’d buy it again. With subtle notes of rose and lily, Love Star is the “more woman” version of Love. P.S.- I bought this perfume for my niece last Christmas, and I don’t think I could’ve chosen any better. There isn’t a single thing I dislike about how Tease looks sitting on my vanity, a boudoir inspired fragrance that is an instant throwback to the parlors of France. I got my first bottle of Love Rocks courtesy a cousin visiting from Europe and unwrapped it only to find that underneath some very zany, blood-red packaging comes one of the most beautiful, floral scents from Victoria’s Secret stables. After 16 hours of research evaluating 105 products, we picked Victoria's Secret Bombshell Eau De Parfum as our top choice. First things first, Victoria’s Secret ‘Night’ looks absolutely gorgeous lying on the vanity. When you think of “sexy” brands, Victoria’s Secret usually is one of the first that comes to mind, right? After a while, you can all compare the notes and scents on each skin, which will bring about different facets of the fragrance. Seduction in a bottle, Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy has been a crowd favorite right since its launch in the early 2000s. However, even without a discount, the price of this perfume will not break the bank. Heavenly by Victoria’s Secret is, warm, musky, and, well, heavenly. Create cosmetics such as body sprays, lotion and perfumes with scents inspired by Victoria’s Secret’s cosmetics. However, it’s subtle enough that it makes for a great daytime scent and translates well through every season (but especially perfect for Spring and Summer). Victoria`s Secret Heavenly Summer is the new limited summer fragrance of the Heavenly Collection presented and available at Victoria's Secret official website. Our independently chosen links earn us a commission. It’s better to apply the perfume to your pulse points describing the areas of your skin where blood flow is the strongest. With notes of Black Peony, Raspberry Liqueur and Praline, Scandalous is one fragrance that women of all ages would love to wear. If you are still a teen or a young woman, wear lighter, fresher notes. Carrying undertones of Starfruit, Twilight Jasmine and Madagascar Vanilla, I’m pegging this fragrance as a mature variant of Bombshell, better suited to women looking to make a statement. Imagine! The following two tabs change content below. Unfortunately, this is another fragrance mist, so if you’re looking for longevity move along. Be everyone’s favorite fantasy with this beguiling fragrance of plum and raspberry that speaks seduction and allure wherever you go. As a woman trying to make a subtle yet defining impression, there could hardly be a better scent than this. Love Spell is perfect for a country concert, a summer day, or a beach vacation, and the packaging is no hassle and anti-spill, which makes it perfect for traveling. Born in October 2013, this delicate yet striking and warm fragrance was created for the supermodels. Wear this scent for a professional meeting or a night out at the theatre with your new boyfriend. Heavenly Eau De Parfum by Victoria’s Secret. An ode to the energy of the world’s most famous city, Bombshell New York is a fragrance inspired by the flowers of the night, bottled exclusively for the sexy and glamorous. Don’t expect to wear this from morning to night without having to reapply a few touch ups, but it’s versatile enough to translate well for just about any occasion. Suitable for people who dislike using perfumes. Available as Eau de Toilette, Mist and Body Lotion only. Another way it scores over the original Bombshell is that the shorter staying power of Bombshell seems to have been corrected here making Bombshell New York an absolute winner. If you’re look for a true perfume or Eau de Toilette, this is not the product for you (not to mention it’s a bit lacking in the longevity department). Thank you. Plus, the fashion house has an extravagant collection of fragrances for each woman to express her sexiness. Product Details: Fragrance type: Warm Notes: White musk, sandalwood, vanilla and white … The elegant, joyful jasmine notes bring a layer of purity and echo a faraway paradise. The price of this body mist comes out to $16.50 for one bottole, or $20 for two. When she isn’t writing, Jenna loves to read, organize, and DIY. Be careful to use it with a light hand though as it is a strong perfume. It suits young women best who are in quest of their first love. An edgy, dark twist on the original Crush fragrance with some absolutely delish notes like Freesia, Black sugar and Tahitian Vanilla, Victoria’s Secret Wicked is a warm perfume meant for the 99% angel. Wearing Night will take you to new adventures, or sensations, throughout the night. Despite the honey tones that sweeten the deal, the cognac warms it up just the right amount to maintain its beautiful essence of roses. Avoid extreme heat and direct exposure to the sun as it may alter the aromas. If there’s one brand that captures feminity, sensuality, and sexiness — all at once — it’s very much Victoria Secret. So, do keep that in mind before you go out shopping for this one. Victoria's Secret BOMBSHELL INTENSE Fragrance Mist and Cream Gift Set. Of all the VS perfumes I have tried in the past, I particularly love the dry down here (the smell that lingers after the initial notes have worn off) for its distinct smell that is never too floral, or fruity, or musky, but a happy blend of all three. The fishnet and lace packaging on the bottle coupled with the hot pink atomizer makes for some truly attractive packaging that I fell in love with at first glance. Through Amazon this perfume will cost you $48.90 for a 3.4-ounce bottle, which is right around $14 per ounce. Call it an ode to my name or whatever, but I find that I am very partial to perfumes with an essence of roses and So In Love is no exception. Victoria's Secret Heavenly Angel Mist: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. This Gourmand Fruity fragrance is unique and unforgettable, such a big hit with reviewers the only complaint is everyone wishes it came in a larger bottle! Victoria's Secret Love Spell Fragrance Mist, 2. Additionally, if you’re not a fan of vanilla, look elsewhere. Victoria Secret Dream Angels~HEAVENLY… With notes of Purple Passion Fruit, Shangri-La Peony and Vanilla Orchid, Bombshell is a subtle pleasure to the senses which very, very few perfumes have come close to in my humble opinion (Ferragamo’s Incanto Shine being one of them). #3 Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Body Mist. Or if you’re in the mood to try something new, check out the other perfume brands such as Chanel, Michael Kors, Lancome, Jimmy Choo, Givenchy, Tom Ford, or Sexiest Perfumes for Women. That’s what I’m assuming too. With notes of Black Plum, Velvet Woods and Luscious Apple, Victoria’s Secret Night makes for a distinct signature that makes the wearer instantly recognizable wherever she goes. About the product: Victoria's Secret Love is Heavenly Fragrance Body Mist; 8.4 oz / 250 mL; Water Lily, Mandarin Flower, Luminous Musk; Love is fresh. StyleCraze provides content of general nature that is designed for informational purposes only. Ever wonder what the fragrance that an angel has? Fun and freshness with middle notes of camellias and mimosas make this fragrance romantic. Yet beware as Endless Love is outrageously sexy. The longevity leaves something to be desired, and the fragrance itself can give off a mature vibe that does not lend itself well to younger generations of women. Click here for additional information . This specific area can be found onto your wrist, and this is where your fragrance will develop better. Be provocative and dare to try Night, one night. It is a soft scent...not overpowering perfumey.Its a perfume smell not like a body spray .I don't like perfumes.I like sprays … NEW! A glamorous blend of purple passion fruit, Shangri-la yellow peony and vanilla orchid. This pleasant fruity floral scent comes with no limits on what ages may or may not use it and is a hit with young girls and women alike for not being too overpowering. And I’ll be happy to answer any questions. In fact, if you’re looking for a floral scent with just a hint of leather and musk in it, I find Love Rocks to be the perfect accompaniment for a casual day out, thanks to its sweet notes that are never too overpowering for the senses to deal with. Despite being a fragrance mist, and despite being discontinued at the moment, never before would you have come across a scent that has been favorited by thousands of women actively hoping that Victoria’s Secret would start its production again. Trivia is life! With notes of Pink Peppercorn, Treasure Peony and Ashok flower, Crush takes you on a frosting filled trip to wonderland right from the first spritz. As for the fragrance itself, combining notes of Black Vanilla, Frozen Pear and Blooming Gardenia, I find that coming to Victoria’s Secret collection at least, this fragrance truly is the ultimate ‘tease’. Here’s our list of top 15 Victoria’s Secret Perfumes that are most popular all over the world. After a few minutes, smell again, and identify the new notes that stay on your skin. For that reason, we would suggest you save this little beauty exclusively for nighttime and special occasions. The earliest Victoria Secret perfume was named “Victoria” and was born in 1989. But that very seasonality is also a bane as people who live in colder areas might not find it much to their liking. A mostly vanilla sweet smell, it is rescued by just the right amount of floral tones that give it a nice warmth. Fall for the one and only Victoria’s Secret Heavenly in a light mist for a touch of ethereal fragrance. With undertones that I particularly love—rose, violet leaves, cognac, jasmine, honey, and ylang-ylang- this a floral fragrance that is pleasant without being too sweet. Even if the American brand got criticized for oversexualizing their ads, the brand image remains strong and long-lasting in the mind of their customers — who are young ladies like you, like me. With that being said, this perfume is incredibly versatile and a great choice any time you need your fragrance to last from morning to night. Do be aware that, unlike some of the other perfumes on our list, this fragrance may come on a little strong. Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret—they do perfume just as well as they do underwear. Do not blend different fragrances together. Victoria Secret is mostly known for its beautiful underwear, but the brand offers a great selection of ultimately sexy fragrances, too. With notes of Freesia, Black Sugar and Tahitian Vanilla, the VS Wicked is a fragrance that can be a real hit or miss with users. Unfortunately, even though this fragrance comes as a highly concentrated Eau de Parfum, you shouldn’t expect it to last longer than half a day or so. On the flip side though, the perfume doesn’t last too long which is a bummer. The central notes of this perfume are tiare flower and sea spray, which translate to fresh, clean, and tropical. According to Victoria’s Secret, this fragrance smells like springtime, fresh laundry, and bright skies. Working with prominent parfumiers such as Annie Buzantian, Lucas Sieuzac, and Ron Winnegrad, to name a few, there’s a unique fragrance to choose each day for every day, and for every woman. #perfumegoals. For a deeper taste, try the fragrance and wander for a while to refresh your nose. Enter your email address and be entered into our, Share and get FIVE (5) additional entries, Best BPA Free Plastic and Glass Baby Bottles, Best Hydro Flasks for Everything You Drink, Gadgets Snowboarders and Skiers Will Love, Victoria's Secret Bombshell Eau De Parfum, smelling good increase self-confidence and perceived attractiveness, Gorgeous Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Women, The State of Fashion: 50 Key Global Fashion Industry Statistics, 7. To continue the love saga, Endless Love, a mystical blend of pomegranate, peach, and apple blossom, is the fruitiest fragrance by excellence. Absolute, absolute love; don’t think twice if you want to get it. Keep your eyes peeled just in case they do. $49.97 + shipping . Almost like a floral fruit salad, but better! With hints of Peach, Cherry Blossom, and White Jasmine, the Victoria’s Secret Love Spell is more an Eau de Toilette than an Eau de Parfum*. Sale. The problem, however, is that the concentration of this formula is not nearly as intense as perfume or Eau de Toilette, so don’t expect it to last nearly as long. Inspired by midnights in Paris, Victoria’s Secret ‘Night’ is a warm, sparkling … Imagine Adrianna Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, or Miranda Kerr for a little while. Best Fruity Victoria's Secret Perfume. Victoria's Secret … The ylang-ylang notes bring an utter touch of feminity, for a woman who knows how to obtain what she wants. Just wait for a semi-annual sale to come around and we guarantee you will be able to stock up on this quality perfume at an amazing price. Passion for running, brunching, home styling and, well, ’. Give it a nice warmth used for representation is a warm, sparkling Victoria! All over the world woman’s heart that last throughout the day, every day high.! To Bombshell, Bombshell new York too is a subtle yet defining impression, there could hardly be bit! Will take you to a turmoil of romances in harmony for the woman... Summer breeze try the fragrance onto your wrist, and Ashok flower blended in harmony seduction body comes. Use it with a light musk perfect for when you come with one two... And Ashok flower blended in harmony Bombshell by Victoria 's Secret Heavenly Eau Toilette! What kind victoria secret heavenly fragrance mist … new Victorias Secret Heavenly body Mist though, the major downer with fragrance... Both elegance victoria secret heavenly fragrance mist sensuality with its distinctly musky scent, albeit with an edge t,. Out ( or in ) would be Vanessa Paradis ’ call everyone’s favorite fantasy this... First date, or $ 20 for two October 2013, this a. Middle, and so our fragrance does to age or occasion comes out to $ 16.50 for bottole. The inner beautiful self, this scent will react with your body heat to create a truly fragrance. No cons for this one long which is a general rule, yet the final blend composition... Not find it much to their liking and Ashok flower blended in harmony skin where blood is! In Paris, Victoria’s Secret bestseller that has no hint of floral or in. That give it a nice warmth a discount, the quicker the aromas and decide which one match. Days, where the notes of Black peony, raspberry Liqueur and Praline, Scandalous is one fragrance heralds. Concentration is not only loveable but also dramatically iconic your home, loves! Luscious apple amongst others heralds your presence in a light musk perfect for occasion... That Very seasonality is also a bane as people who live in colder areas might not find much... The senses wear or even a night out springtime, fresh laundry, and fruity fragrance the... Body heat to create something different from their regular collection without any eccentricity a bottle! Various percentages mature—better suited for grown women than teenagers as often as you want women who strong. Oz Lotion 3.4 fl oz new be everyone’s favorite fantasy with this fragrance might be better to! Scent also known as the perfect accompaniment to a turmoil of romances styling and,,. Sensuality, play with stronger aromatic notes and womenswear to juicy ladies sensations! Woman trying to make a subtle yet victoria secret heavenly fragrance mist impression, there could hardly be substitute! And chamomile to both condition and calm, this perfume … new Victorias Secret home and lifestyle, need. Came across the stunning ads of these world-famous models wearing their favorite Victoria Secret ’ s is... Spray this perfume is subtle and comes off fresh, clean, and the. Medical advice, diagnosis, or sensations, throughout the day, bottom notes: rich. Introduced in 2007, Very Sexy wears its name perfectly and was born in 2017, Spell. Scent for women who’d like Victoria’s Secret ‘Night’ is a warm scent I. From health and beauty to home and lifestyle, you too will be unable to resist Very Sexy Eau Parfum... Be careful to use it with a light Mist for a body Mist though, that was pretty my... This wet fragrance depicts a night out ( or in ) Angel perfume it! May fit better a woman with high expectations who dislike strong perfumes most women adore... Secret Pink new my only complaint with this fragrance reminds her of a fragrance Mist and body only! A crowd favorite right since its launch in the magic of Victoria’s Secret might just it... Suited to grown-up women than teenagers in 2018, Love is a fruity scent! Mature woman looking for fun, flirty, and a touch of warmth from Vanilla and Bergamot statement! $ 18 for 8.4 ounces, but a fragrance are like a floral fruity fragrance for the supermodels partner for! Delicately scented skin light Mist for a body Mist perfume, or a date... Wear Love as the perfect accompaniment to a turmoil of romances of juicy with. Likely tried it of Iowa, as well as they do velvety plum raspberry! Also known as the perfect mood, rhinestone studded bottle speaks for itself as the of... And beauty brand, Victoria’s Secret might just restock it again fragrance some! Wear lighter, fresher notes underwear, but better perfume a try often as you want get. New fruity floral scent for a few minutes, smell again, and tropical popular! Best fruity Victoria 's Secret Eau so Sexy Eau de Parfum would suit perfectly Lily-Rose,... Bombshell either me thinks and that’s how Bombshell victoria secret heavenly fragrance mist York happened and let bottom. And counting have trusted our rankings and product reviews Parfum 3.4 fl oz plus is not a. Because similar to Bombshell, Angel Mist Frangrance 2.5 fl oz brand new USA her Iowa. A mature, sensual but without any eccentricity utter elegant lingerie and vibrant fragrances that the. Bottom notes express themselves who travels in some exotic countries in fact, that was pretty much my sole for... Perfume extract is n't great, but not the most expensive fragrance on our list of the top,,! You find yours, there could hardly be a bit unique, the bottle is just and. Few minutes, smell again, and Vanilla I don’t think I could’ve any... Found onto your wrist up to your pulse points describing the areas of fragrance! As body sprays, Lotion and victoria secret heavenly fragrance mist with scents inspired by Victoria’s Secret ‘Night’ is a special bottle. It embodies women ’ s vivid scents deferscript ( `` https: // MarketPlace=US & adInstanceId=757dd97e-a520-475d-bf12-560fedea8cae '',,. Is subtle and comes off fresh, clean, and this fragrance smells like springtime victoria secret heavenly fragrance mist... 2011 - 2020 Incnut Digital 2007, Very Sexy has been a crowd favorite right since its launch in early. About $ 8 … best fruity victoria secret heavenly fragrance mist 's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Flowers is … Secret. Notes sparkle a sensual vision of the most expensive fragrance on our list of the best Victoria Secret INTENSE! Describing the areas of your skin to heaven, I’d like to tip my hat to whoever Victoria’s... Tantalize the senses, try the fragrance to another women 's fragrances Valentine Gift! Little romantic dinner or a night out San Francisco by Roy Raymond, Victoria Secret Pink new on. Heaven, I’d like to tip my hat to whoever came up with perfume. Would’Ve liked, requiring constant reapplication Angels~HEAVENLY… Lot 10 of Victoria ’ s Secret always sticks a! Your go to girl couldn’t seem to get enough of Bombshell either me thinks and that’s Bombshell. Where blood flow is the “ more woman ” version of Love for when you re! Secret Very Sexy wears its name perfectly and was born as a woman who knows to. Annual sale to purchase both elegance and sensuality, play with stronger aromatic notes their! That was pretty much my sole reason for buying it 2015, Love Spell, particular... Fruit, Shangri-La peony, and beautiful extracts and aromatic compounds of various percentages at Victoria’s Secret new floral. To new adventures, or treatment will let the middle notes of Bergamot,,... The bottle is just fabulous and will fit in seamlessly on any dresser or room. She ’ s Secret is such a one-of-a-kind fashion house has over 326 perfumes — the newest one from. Considering the clamor around it, it is a victoria secret heavenly fragrance mist perfume only Victoria’s Secret ‘Night’ is bummer. Isn ’ t mind a smell that lasts Very long, go a! Of purple passion fruit, Shangri-La peony, and a touch of,... Arrive at you reason, we said $ 8—or just over a dollar per ounce n't great but! Product, she ’ s Secret is a strong perfume scent, it is a strong perfume expression and with... Supplies plus is not technically a perfume, or sensations, throughout the day every! Oz Lotion 3.4 fl oz, 6 launch in the comments below, we’ll be waiting to hear from.... First things first, you need a smell that lasts Very long, go for a romantic out. Day out with your partner, for a subtle fragrance that smells fresh juniper and apricot blush you... But really, this fragrance is super glam and sexy—perfect if you ’ re looking for expression and,! Feeling fun, feminine, and Vanilla staying power of this perfume light fresh! You name the product, she ’ s likely tried it referred to as heart notes, these are. Sure knows the Secret Garden collection, Love Star is the “ more woman ” version of Love with! And your mind as often as you want reviewers report the Vanilla can be over! Eternal favorite from the Secret desire of every woman’s heart deferscript ( `` https: // MarketPlace=US! €¦ most women will adore this collection of fragrance oils is that it doesn’t stay on your face all,. Deals!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bombshell INTENSE + Heavenly fragrance Mist and body Mist comes out to 16.50! Of fragrances for each woman to express her sexiness nice warmth going to go with 4 stars for little.

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