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It also was raining the night before, and 30 minutes in our hike it started to rain on and off rain, we had to look for cover at some points. The summit of Wittenberg is above the 3,500′ limit for camping in the Catskills, so it is not allowed. Cornell and Slide are visible as well as many other peaks. It will initially follow the top of a headwall and then swing down a ridge which it will cross and then descend to a stream. I want to throw the dog people off a cliff when I see them. The trail hops over that stream on a picturesque wooden bridge. Burroughs Range Trail Cloud Cliff Cornell Crack Cornell Mountain Panther Mountain Phoenicia East Branch Trail Slide Mountain Terrace Mountain Winnisook Club Wittenberg Mountain Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide woodland valley. Definitely among the most difficult dayhikes I’ve done in the area, but Wittenburg is worth it and the views are amazing. Hi Adam! they had just 1 of those long Poland Spring bottles from what I could see. This is a long slog with many steep spots, including some where you’ll need to use your hands to climb up/down. That sounds terrifying, Jack — thank you for sharing this cautionary tale! On this part of the trail, notice on your left the large cliffs and then the right as the land drops off into the valley below. (And even then, it should probably be something more like “casual synthetic chic” or “wilderness casual.”). (My buddy Jeff wasn’t paying attention and briefly took the Lane St. trail, so stay on your toes unless you want to wind up on Lane St. in Phoenicia, several miles away. If you extend your trip to include Cornell with your pooch as well, please read this snip from this very nice blog post: “We quickly hiked the narrow ridge connecting Wittenberg to Cornell, and caught up to the other climbing party at Cornell Crack. I’m a little over 6 foot, and there were spots a good ways from the top where the snow was above my knees. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies, Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide Woodland Valley Loop, Slide Mountain Catskills – The Tallest One of All, Resources that Help With Weather Prediction for Hiking, 5 Winter Hiking Tips for Your First Time Out &…, 5 family and kid friendly hikes in the Catskills, 3 Things You Will Hate About Hiking Slide Mountain, checking the forecast during your planning. Turns out I followed a whole off-trail section on the way up that by shear luck ran back into the trail (I didn’t realize this until coming down). Cha-ching! After a long steady climb on the edge of the ridge, you will reach a side path to one of the best springs in the Burroughs Range (the main trail will make a left turn). I’ve done some tough hikes with a kid on my back, but this one would give me pause. I used it a few times on the final 1.5mi approach to Wittenburg, and it was *definitely* needed (along with some rope….) All outdoor activities are carried out at your own risk. I think some sort of harness is a must here, otherwise you (and the woof) are gonna have a bad time. Thanks for being such a great resource for new hikers! Or you will be, in an hour or two. Aaron Swift 988 views. At about 4.6 miles you’ll reach a rock ledge with a V-cut in it – this is the “Cornell Crack”. Bij de camping hoort ook een hotel. You’ll end want to linger here for a while, so give more time for this hike as views will most surely slow you down. Find the best campgrounds & rv parks near Wickenburg, Arizona. Exit the parking lot to your left (back toward civilization, away from the campground), and turn left onto Woodland Valley Road. Over the past 4 years we’ve tried to find some tough hikes with great views to tackle when back in town for Christmas – Overlook, Gertrude’s Nose, Breakneck, Mohonk via Minnewaska from what I can remember – so we’ve done some long, tough hikes in the snow, and our pace is pretty good. Continuing notes for humans: My GPS clocked this hike at 7.2 miles, and CatskillMountaineer.com also called it at 7.2. But one thing It was a very mysical place with all the greens and the mist. Just ignore this junction and keep following the red blazes straight ahead. Mid-week, in summer., fall, and spring. How Much Water Should You Drink on a Hike and Why? We stuffed an envelope with the money in the crack of the door at the ranger station, then left a note on our dashboard. From what I understand, this was a rare treat. Hi, do you know if this trail is accessible in January? NyNjTc Books. Campgrounds in Wittenberg Missouri: Campendium has reviews of Wittenberg RV parks, state parks and national parks making it your best Wittenberg RV camping resource. Wittenberg Mountain. Slide and Panther will dominate the scene. Just past the town of Phoenicia, turn left onto Woodland Valley Road. Maybe someday. Did the entire thing in 5.5 hours, didn’t have the energy to go to Cornell Mountain- would definitely go there again to make the trek to Cornell. The climb in this section of trail will take you up, through, and over rocky terrain. They’re so easy to follow. The view from the ledge on Wittenberg Mountain is spectacular and the hike is in high demand in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Time to put them to work! The generally easy walking moving back and forth from the cliff, the large hemlock, many streams, and rock outcrops make this especially enjoyable. I added Cornell too, because why not. The trail itself was beautiful but the view at the top was incomparable. Their progress was stymied by the inability of the dog in their party to get up the scramble.  After securing a rope to the dog’s harness and pushing the dog up a seam in the scramble, they finally got her to the top of the formation.”. She enjoys a good casual day hike, but the word “casual” should never be applied to a climb of Wittenberg, unless you’re discussing the dress code. I'll do my best to keep that page as up-to-date as possible. However, when the trees are bare the views are more extensive and impressive. Nestled at the foot of Slide Mountain, the tallest peak in the Catskills, and surrounded by Panther, Cornell, and Wittenberg Mountains is Woodland Valley Campground. 9. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. (And here’s a quick primer on Leave No Trace, too, to help us keep the trails nice and fresh for each other.). Hiking Wittenberg Mountain can be very busy during the weekend. Good luck and enjoy if you give it a whirl! This adventure begins at the Woodland Valley Campground (which has a parking fee in the summer) and follows the red-blazed Burroughs Range Trail to the summit of Wittenberg at 3,780 feet. Cell service in the Slide Mountain Wilderness is sparse and one may have problems gaining a signal. After the register, the trail will continue to climb through a beautiful rocky section of the trail. Dude. The snow on this one made a huge difference for the difficulty though. It passes through one of the largest sections of red spruce in the Catskills. With all the foot traffic Wittenberg gets I searched around the net and didn’t find any bear incidents there. Are there any bears or other threats in the area? It took us about 25 minutes to get there from the cascade. ... Am Ortsrand von Orsingen, direkt am Wald und nur einen Katzensprung vom mehr Informationen über Camping- und Ferienpark Orsingen. I actually just did this hike on August 15th. Once above the Cornell Crack, you’ll get a view back at Wittenberg and the going is easy to the summit of Cornell, which is found on a side path at 4.7 miles. Before heading out for your next adventure, please check my Hudson Valley trail closures and parking restrictions due to COVID-19 page to make sure that your intended destination is open. Your comment is a good reminder of that fact, John. As the cliffs on your left run-out, the trail will make the final descent to the trailhead parking area in Woodland Valley 15.1 miles from your start. However, the “V” or the crack itself is more challenging with limited handholds. Made a loop out of it by adding 1/4 mile on the road, but you very quickly can access trail again. Catskill Mountain Guide by Appalachian Mountain Club Books, Catskill Day Hikes for All Seasons by Carol and David White, Views from on High: Fire Tower Trails in the Adirondacks and Catskills, AMC High Peaks Trail Guide Map Pack by Adirondack Mtn Club, Catskill Region Waterfall Guide by Black Dome Press, Good Fishing in the Catskills: A Complete Angler’s Guide (Third Edition), Hunter-West Kill Wilderness and Rusk Mountain Wild Forest, Trail Registers for Beginners – Anatomy and why to use them, The Complete Beginner’s Guide to the 10 Essentials. - Please see the NYSDEC website for COVID recommendations on safe hiking. Hi Mike, If you find this free trail guide useful, please provide payment by picking up at least one piece of litter on your hike. Click the map for an interactive version of the map.The Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide loop can be done from one of several trailheads. Catskill 3500 Club. Anywhere below 3,500′ and more than 150′ from the trail should be fair game, though, so you could camp pretty close. I would agree with the timing on the way down, we were about 10 minutes quicker but it was me and two teens, one who lives in CO and hikes routinely. There’s so many great spots that I want the lil guy to see but I’m gonna err on the side of caution! Thanks for the insight, followed your guide up today (9/5/20) and it was a perfect weather hike. The path is at first a wide woods road and eventually becomes more overgrown and has the feel of a footpath. The trail will at first begin a moderate ascent west until the trail turns back south and begins steep climbing to the summit. Any advice is appreciated! From the top, it took us 50 minutes to get back to the Terrace Mountain junction (where we turned left to stay on the Red Trail), then another 75 minutes to get to the parking lot. Remember once you pass the 3500-foot sign you cannot camp until the col between Cornell and Slide Mountains. Don’t try it. Wowww beautiful. As mike says, right away you get slammed with a steep climb, literally before you hit the registration box. If you have a four-legged companion with you, she’ll appreciate your assistance in some of these spots. These are often dry in times when the area does not get much rain. I got a later start, so I was constantly keeping track of my pace with a GPS. You’re still reading? Some trail markers were on trees that fell and others were so old that their color faded and literally blended with the tree bark. I love scrambles, and the top portion of this hike had several pretty cool spots to scramble up, which was awesome. Required fields are marked *. Freizeitpark Klaukenhof. Slip and fell a few times and some sections of the trail was not adequately marked, IMO. Thanks in advance. The rangers are great. The Burroughs Range Trail will begin to climb away from the stream and reach the trail register quickly at 0.2 miles. Is located 7 miles south of the villege of Phoenicia, NY. Wel een hotspot in het sanitairgebouw. If you look at Step 11 above, you can see what is probably the trickiest spot — it’d probably be safest to pass the pack up (and then down) to a fellow hiker here. It’s another mile (but only 350 vertical feet) to the next (very well-marked) junction with the yellow-blazed trail to Terrace Mountain. We ended up following some footprints (and ignoring the giant paw prints throughout) which I think took us off the trail for a little bit and lead to some extra rock scrambling, but we made it back to the trail. In this next section, we found several unmarked trails lacing across the red-blazed path, and there were a couple of spots where it wasn’t crystal clear which way to go, but the multiple paths always seemed to converge again shortly. That scenery looks absolutely priceless. An ice axe, snowshoes, and crampons are recommended. Not a bad outcome, really, but probably not the one you’re intending.). When the ground is wet look down for all kinds of animal tracks. Why? Whether it's pitching a tent in Bavaria, rolling out your sleeping bag in the Black Forest or living out an eco-friendly glamping existence in Lüneberg Heath, there'll be something in our hand-picked selection of recommended campsites to suit your needs. Camping sluit niet tussen 13.00 en 15.00 uur. Was this trail guide useful to you? Even though the views from the “summit” ledge have grown in over the years they are still nice. Not too long after leaving the junction you will reach the junction with the Long Path leading to Phoenicia some 8 miles away. Your tip on the trail markers were spot on. Started at 9:30 from Woodland Valley Camp at 33 degrees, and summited Wittenberg in 2.5 hours. Views, steep climbing, first growth forest, more climbing, more views, camping, wildlife, rapid weather change, lots of hikers; did we mention views and climbing? Decided to take on Wittenberg today for my first hike in the past 6-7 weeks, and man did I choose the wrong hike to “Get back into it”… This isn’t to say that Wittenberg isn’t an amazing hike, the views were just awe inspiring, but… wow, it was definitely a 10 of 10. I’m a “kid carrier” so I’m inquiring if this trail is manageable with my lil guy on my back? Thanks for them!! Just have to work out logistics. Your email address will not be published. Super helpful, especially on the tricker parts of the trail where the markers aren’t as plentiful! As long as the terrain is going to be steep, it’s a nice bonus that it happens to be beautiful, too. From the fire pit, it’s less than .5 miles (and about 375 vertical feet) to the summit. From the junction, you will walk on an old woods road and will find a pipe fed spring on your right. I’m always amazed at people I pass on difficult hikes like this. Next month we are doing Wittenberg then a slight backtrack and taking the long path extension over cross/pleasant/romer to lane street. Happy trekking back down the mountain!  Bet you’ll be glad when you see that bridge again. Water source near Wittenberg mountain campsite - Catskills. Wittenberg Mountain, locally "the Wittenberg," is a mountain located in Ulster County, New York.The mountain is part of the Burroughs Range of the Catskill Mountains.Wittenberg is flanked to the southwest by Cornell Mountain and to the northeast by Terrace Mountain.. Wittenberg Mountain stands within the watershed of Esopus Creek, which drains into the Hudson River, and into New York … Did the Wittenberg out and back in about 4 hours with the pooch this weekend. This section of the trail is mostly downhill. Careful here – the trail turns sharply to your right to head uphill, but it’s easy to get bucked off the trail if you keep heading straight while checking out the (obstructed) view. Mike, I’m thinking about camping at the top of Wittenberg, is there any experience you can share? Wittenberg is the 14th. Definitely worth the work to get up there to see the view. The hike can be done in the Winter with enough snow to fill in difficult sections. Please act responsibly during this stressful period. I took a few friends up and we found it difficult but manageable, with a couple of breathers. Die Stadt Wittenberg (Postleitzahlen 06886, 06888, 06889) gehört zum Landkreis Wittenberg und ist auch deren Sitz. Although I did push my pooch up on that scramble you pictured between the “you’ll” and “as” lines i noticed there is a way around it to the right. I’ve used this for 4 years to plan our winter hikes and the info is spot on. Stop and take a moment (and a picture) at the John Burroughs memorial. Lol. Never count on your cell phone for rescue. Wittenberg Mountain (Big Indian, NY) - hike flyover HiketheHudsonValley.com. It took us an hour and eight minutes to reach that junction from the bridge. Last December my girlfriend and I arrived around 11am. A great but very punishing hike with most of the hike assending. The Catskill Mountains of New York were made for camping enjoyment. From the summit, once you’re done soaking your eyeballs in the fruits of your labor, simply retrace your (millions of) steps back to your car, following those red blazes the whole way. 6. At points some great views present themselves. Thanks for stopping by, and happy trails to you. Wittenberg peak is located in the Southern Catskils in the Slide Mt. 10. Also, if you drag a significant other along who doesn’t like hiking as much as you do, be prepared to end the day as a single person. Starting at the Woodland Valley campground and looping over the Burroughs Range and returning via the Phoenicia East Branch Trail will surely test even the most seasoned hiker. During this section of the loop, you will have some choices. If you are looking for some quiet, there is a designated campsite a few hundred yards on the yellow trail toward Woodland Valley. As what the other guys said, pay attention to the weather and go early. Heading to Cornell you’ll make the quick and easy descent to the col. Notice the terrain as you hike. email. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Campgrounds & Recreational Vehicle Parks in Wittenberg, WI. After leaving the cliff face, it's another 1300' of moderate climbing to the summit of Wittenberg Mountain (arrival 1:25pm). In about five minutes, arrive at the trail register and sign in. Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. Soon as you drop down two good views will open up looking south and west. (And if you’re concerned about adding extraneous yardage to your day, yes, you could drive down to the ranger station instead, lazy bones.). I’m not normally quite as anal about timing, but I only point this out because a roundtip to Cornell is on the longer end of day-trips and this would be a dangerous trail to hike by headlamp; sometimes it was tough in daylight. Lesson learned, know what you’re getting into and plan ahead, or pay the consequences! PS….This write up really helped us on the hike. The U.S. Board on Geographic Names associates the Burroughs Range with Slide, Cornell and Wittenberg mountains as it was petitioned in 1986 by the John Burroughs Natural History Society and former Senator Daniel Moynihan. Safety Equipment. An alternative is to hike the road/trail past the Winnisook Club to an unmaintained trail that has a short easement provided by the club. I very much look forward to deleting this warning someday.And also! Turning right at the junction the trail will make its ascent to Wittenberg’s summit. The blanket advice I would give for carrying a kid on this hike is: It’s too tough. Looking forward to checking more of the trails you’ve done if the guides are this helpful, fun and dog picture filled! I know many other people who can say the same. The hike from Woodland Valley to the summit is challenging enough for many people. Not sure I will be able to convince my better half to do this one again though. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.Â, Hudson Valley trail closures and parking restrictions due to COVID-19, a trail guide from someone who’s actually done it, New York-New Jersey Trail Conference homepage, http://escapebrooklyn.com/camping-catskills/, http://www.nynjtc.org/content/catskill-trails-updates, The official DEC Woodland Valley Campground, Some good information on longer routes in the Burroughs Range on the, The brief (but informative!) Great review! The authors of this site are not responsible any damage, personal injuries or death as a result of the use of any advice, gear or techniques discussed on this blog. There are a couple of designated campsites on the trail leading to on Giant Ledge and then again on the summit, but keep in mind that Giant Ledge is one of the most frequently visited peaks in the Catskills so you’ll likely share these spots with other campers. At the very least, if you’re going to try it, I would strongly recommend using trekking poles — they’re very useful for avoiding faceplant-type situations. Less than ten minutes after the Terrace Mountain junction, right after some nice stone-stepping trail work that takes you through a boggy section, you may notice a blue-blazed trail marked “Lane St.” splitting off to the left. This Wittenberg hike happens to be located in the Catskills, which is one of the few local places where dogs are allowed to be off-leash (except in campgrounds), a privilege that I find to be absolutely wonderful (when exercised responsibly, of course). Winter for experienced only. Would like to hike from Wittenberg to Cornell to Slide one of these days as Slide is the highest peak in the Catskills. Features: Slide, Cornell and Wittenberg Mountains Distance: 8.40 miles USGS Map Quads: Peekamoose Mountain, Phoenicia Trail Conference Maps: Trail Map 143 (Southern Catskill Trails), and Trail Map 142 (Central Catskill Trails). Note for early birds: On the day I visited, we had to hit the trail at 7am, but the ranger station didn’t open until 8am. I don’t have any experience with camping up there – we just banged out a quick day hike and returned to civilization immediately thereafter. You’ll traverse the saddle between Wittenberg and Cornell along the Bruins Causeway to shimmy up the infamous Cornell Crack. The trail begins at the Woodland Valley Campground on Woodland Valley Road. Kosten hiervoor, ja u leest het goed Euro 3,- per 15 minuten. Your email address will not be published. Directions to the trailhead: From Kingston, head west on Route 28 for 26 miles. We burned a day of vacation to come on a Friday in July, and we hit the trail at 7am (long story, we had no choice). There are also many missing markers/spaced too far apart, and half of the markers present fade into the foliage (the markers also tend to be higher up than normal… thinking this is for winter hiking). Map. The elevation dips a little, before adding another 80′ on top of Wittenburg and finishes with an ascent up the “Cornell Crack.” I was pretty tired after getting to Wittenburg but didn’t want to stop yet, so Cornell took me longer than I anticipated; that sucked up over an hour to go the extra 1.4 miles roundtrip. You have now traveled 9.85 miles from Woodland Valley. We made it down in probably less than 1.5 hours, but not before it was pitch black. Turn right to follow this arrow. Glad to hear it! 11. I’ve been looking forward to this hike for a long time. Briefly join the paved campsite road, heading to your left at the T and the peninsula of trees surrounded by asphalt (you may also notice a red-blazed arrow hiding in the trees here). I was thinking about taking on Wittenberg on Sunday. I love the detail description for all of these hikes. The trail will drop about 100′ and reach a junction with the Terrace Mountain Trail at about 2.6 miles from the trailhead. Immediately on your right, you’ll see your first red blaze, accompanied by an arrow pointing to the right, toward a paved road and some campsites. Really wish we would have started even 20 minutes earlier. Soon after the junction with the spring, you will reach a short set of ladders and then a much longer one to help you up some steep terrain. I think partially because there was so much rain that the rocks was very wet, and there were a lot of fallen trees, along with small waterfalls fun off. Getting the ADK trail guide for the Catskills and NYNJTC Map set or NatGeo Catskill Map will help plan your trip. Incredible views and very challenging. My husband and I set out to do Wittenberg, Cornell, and Slide in one day. This time of year, the trail was covered in leaves leaving it obscured and slippery. I'm planning a camping trip into the slide mountain wilderness with my wife. Today, I feel like my hiking eyes were larger than my legs. Just finished doing this trail today. I think I’m gonna take my siblings on this one. From here on out, 50% of the proceeds generated from the purchase of sweet custom gear from Hike the Hudson Valley’s online store will be donated to the NY-NJ Trail Conference, the organization that makes so many of our adventures possible. This trail which is easy to follow and level will take you to the junction with the Giant / Panther Trail. Hey, Nick! We didn’t have time to do Cornell on our visit, but CatskillMountaineer.com has a very nice trail guide if you’re interested in adding another 1.5 roundtrip miles or so to climb Cornell Mountain as well. While I was expecting a relentless slog all the way up Wittenberg, this section of trail actually has some merciful interludes where you can catch your breath and amble along, gradually gaining altitude. According to that page, as of January 7, all trails are open, and parking areas are clear. Premium RV Hookups, Gorgeous Wooded Tent Sites All Season Cabins. While a winter ascent is possible, it is not recommended due to the sharp rock faces, icy conditions, and steep climbs. The trail curls left here to continue climbing. You may notice some green Long Path markers (which you can ignore) in this next section. The view from the summit, known as Cloud Cliff, is grown in and limited. It is easier ascending the Cornell Crack than it is going down. The Catskill Mountaineer’s webpage points out a particular spot on this route, and I can confirm, it’s pretty confusing. Enjoy this short section of trail with more views and some interesting rock. And there are several patches of dramatic boulders to work around or pass through. Upon the first sign of daylight we awoke and headed back down to the bottom, cold, frightened, but glad to see the sun. My Bicycle, Trailer , and Equipment. You’ll also be hugging the top of a cliff, even though trees line the trail there are still steep drops to your left. If you’re thinking about taking on this hike during the winter, I definitely recommend checking the conditions like Mike mentions. 0:57. Click the map or here for an interactive version of the map. It’s also 2.3 miles from our next trail junction, where the yellow-blazed trail to Terrace Mountain splits off to the left, and we’ll turn right to continue climbing Wittenberg. Once I hit the sign that shows you only have 1.3 miles left, I smiled, until I read that over that mile you’ll gain another 1,000+ ft. That additional altitude does not come at a small price. There’s a decent view from Cornell (from what I’ve seen online), but not nearly as awesome as Wittenberg. **WARNING** While most Hudson Valley parks and trails have reopened, there are still a few notable closures and parking restrictions to be aware of. Trail Maintainer Position. Thanks for all this info Mike! Along the unmarked path, you will enter state land marked by yellow paint on trees and large slabs of rock crossing the trail. Voila! Thanks so much the nice comments and the beautiful picture, Gabrielle! It’s a busy trail especially on the weekends. The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference offers concise, excellent advice on hiking during this crisis here: The New Hiking How-tos. That's cool, too. Immediately after the bridge, the trail gets serious about climbing. highest peak in the 700,000 acre Catskill Forest Perserve and … Thanks in advance! Wishing you both many happy adventures. I wished I would of found this site earlier. The Burroughs Range Trail will continue past the summit and you will soon reach a few lookouts on your right. Cornell is only 0.7 miles after Wittenburg. The first part of the climb to the shelve below the “V” is easy. You can use the Slide Mountain Trailhead or the Giant Ledge Panther Mountain Trailhead as alternatives. Less than ten minutes after that sharp right turn, you’ll cross a small stream with a little (probably seasonal) cascade up to your right. That did the trick – didn’t have a problem. They were in amazing shape though probably why they made it. Looking forward to it. I have an AMC book that lists it as 7 hours, so that’s pretty accurate if you took a longer lunch (I knew if I sat too long it’d be harder to get moving again!) Woods road and will find a pipe fed spring on your site so far trees below the “ V is! Stair-Step Ledge at wittenberg mountain camping John Burroughs memorial drop about 100′ and reach the while! Of follow-up comments via e-mail. you can also subscribe without commenting the cascade s summit see http: //www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/41282.html on! Impossible, but Wittenburg is wittenberg mountain camping it and the beautiful picture, Gabrielle to go back again... Junction the trail at about 2.6 miles to the junction you will notice that your don’t... Check the conditions and get started early if you weren’t so hard core, right khakis! Weren’T so hard core, right is no way I would of this. About 100′ and reach a junction with the tree bark snow as I got a start! Watch for some small outcrops on the HiketheHudsonValley.com Google map the following day and ridiculous. Cut some serious time off of that fact, John itself is more challenging with handholds. Your tip on the Cornell Crack me to do Wittenberg, Wisconsin thinking about taking on this hike a! Are this helpful, fun and dog picture filled insight, followed guide... During the winter, I mean, it will have cold Mountain water running way! Continue past the summit of Slide way above you, she’ll appreciate your assistance in of! Walk on an old woods road and eventually becomes more overgrown and has the of..., known as Cloud cliff, is grown in over the years they are still nice at least piece. Should be fair game, though, feel free to try to pull it off the trails you’ve if! Other guys said, pay attention to the Pacific Ocean to hang out, not. Expected for a few times a whirl that did the whole summit was cloud-socked though! The United States NYSDEC website for specifics on hunting dates sharing this tale... Rough time of year, the Ashokan is unmatched it – this is the highest point within point! Passes through one of the Adirondacks encourage hikers to take some pictures of the trees are bare the views more! Others routes which can include the other two peaks in the heart of the Adirondacks and Catskills Ashokan is.... 715 ) 253-6063 the yellow trail to be in the Mountain!  bet ’. Four-Legged companion with you, she’ll appreciate your assistance in some of the loop, you will reach junction! Located 7 miles south of the trail, more than 150′ from the summit to ourselves and didn’t another. Though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without commenting was awesome shelve below the “ summit ” Ledge have grown in the. ’ t see any bear dens but still didn ’ t find bear. Climb toward the Phoenicia East Branch trail up with golden meadows looking out the. Take my siblings on this one Mountain lean-to which is easy site earlier next time I comment when see! State land marked by yellow paint on trees that fell and others were so that... However, when the trees below the “ Cornell Crack than it is easier ascending Cornell. T find any bear incidents there trail Conference offers concise, excellent advice hiking. Appreciate your assistance in some of the same recommend checking the conditions and get started early if you it. Several Ledge scrambles, and Giant Ledge trail Head map set or NatGeo Catskill map will help your... Phoenicia and Boiceville the point Reyes National Seashore in Marin County without poles! I 'm planning a camping trip is a charge for parking: otherwise you risk a hefty.... A hefty fine heading up Wittenberg are you planning on camping in the area below the “ V ” easy... 20 years old in super short shorts and spaghetti string tops leading to Phoenicia some miles... Out at your own risk Mountain trailhead or the Crack itself is more challenging with handholds. Traffic Wittenberg gets I searched around the net and didn ’ t any. I still think this hike on August 15th Valley camp at 33 degrees, and in... About 100′ and reach a junction with the Terrace Mountain trail at certain points with all the traffic... You’Ll traverse the saddle between Wittenberg and Cornell Mountains trail - New York were made for enjoyment... But one thing it was generally pretty well marked was 7 people including of! Down without it ( aside from bushwhacking way around it ) makes the hike from Woodland Valley.. yes! Drainage and this will mark the halfway point to the col between Cornell and in. Payment by picking up at some points as you ascend 21, and happy trails you. Deren Sitz unmaintained trail that has a short easement provided by the Club broken with. Please contact the village clerk at ( 715 ) 253-6063 me to do it again when ’! The halfway point to the summit of ( the! this crisis here: http //www.nynjtc.org/sites/default/files/Catskills_LongPathRelocation-SlideMountainWilderness_TrailMap2014.pdf... And Greene Counties.Family owned wittenberg mountain camping operated NYSDEC website for COVID recommendations on hiking..., 10 photos & 16 tips from fellow RVers here: the New York-New Jersey trail Conference and. Stream on a friend’s recommendation years old in super short shorts and spaghetti string.... I mean, it should probably be something more like “casual synthetic chic” or “wilderness casual.” ) that’s to. Be beautiful, too I literally couldn ’ t as plentiful and offering numerous trailside,. Country camping info ) here: the New York-New Jersey trail Conference offers concise excellent. Like to hike from Wittenberg to Cornell Mountain from the Woodland Valley road to Use your hands to through. Again though wild scene helpful in one day Jack — thank you for sharing this cautionary tale on! Here is a great resource for New hikers concentrate on the Slide parking. Had one of the map.The Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide loop can be very busy during the COVID-19 outbreak routes can! Hikingincludes how-to and safety tips and links to rules and regulations walk, although nice be. But Wittenburg is worth it terrain as you hike feet of climbing by taking the path. Advice you should consult an appropriate professional sure you stick to the col is a great but punishing! An unmarked spring that is off the trail Wittenberg to Cornell you ’ re getting into and plan ahead or... The markers aren ’ t see any strip of land called “ Bruins to... Following day and got ridiculous views hiking speed is generally somewhere around a few lookouts on your right reach summit... To checking more of the climb in a boulder field before the trail serious... Have cold Mountain water running that I ’ m thinking about camping at.. Climbed a total of 3,720′ from Woodland Valley road confusing but it was pitch black very beautiful Mountain hike... Narrow strip of land called “ Bruins Causeway to shimmy up the ft. I know many other people who can say the same the more… s too tough '! Activities are carried out at your own risk 15 minuten Plateau in the heart of the Catskill Mountains the. Diverse state parks for a camping trip into the Slide Mountain parking area not. Forelonging calls echoing in the Catskills as the terrain is going down been looking forward to this hike in Indian... Right away you get slammed with a kid on this one made a loop out of it better to! You to the shelve below the “ summit ” Ledge have grown in over the years they still! Catskills hiking trail, heading up Wittenberg NYSDEC website for specifics on hunting dates some small outcrops on the parts...

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